Stand up for primary education

A roadmap for the future

Investment in primary education is an investment in all of society.

Now is the time. Ireland is in a new phase of growth. That growth will be nourished by choices we are about to make.

Primary education is the basis of all further learning. It is staffed by skilled and dedicated professionals. The system is lean with a voluntary management structure. Each cent spent on primary education is an investment in children at the time when they can lay down educational foundations that will stand to them throughout their lives.

Investment in primary education is investment in secondary education, in further education and in higher education. Ensuring every child reaches his or her potential in primary school will have positive lifelong benefits, from better employment prospects to improved health and greater equality.

Every cent spent on primary education is an investment in every citizen. Not everyone will go to university. Not everyone will complete secondary education. Yet every child in Ireland will attend primary school. What they experience there will have an impact for life.

Our vision for primary education is one of small classes that allow teachers to support each child individually. We need well-funded schools with professional, dedicated teachers who are led and supported by excellent school leaders. We believe that with proper funding and support, all children will have a real chance to fulfil their potential, whatever challenges they face.

It is time for Ireland to decide what it values in society. Early investment in primary education will reap real rewards for society. Now is the time.